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    10 months ago in reply to Timothy Weaver
    parent interface which is an activity

    This isn't standard terminology AFAIK (but what do I know...) -  are you saying the interface is used in a user input task?  Or by "activity" are you referring to something else?  I'm just confused since "activity" is not a normal descriptive term for an appian interface, one way or the other, without quite a bit more context at least.

    to create an event

    i'm still unclear what you mean by this.  What exactly is an "event" in the context you're using here?  Or is it just an arbitrary new data entry of some sort, unrelated to the particular Appian processes/objects?

    I need to be able to select the save button on the child (embedded) interface and have the start process link write the info to the database table

    This could just be my confusion here but it sounds like you're trying to mash together 3 or 4 pieces of unrelated functionality all at once.

    1) why is the fact that the interface in question is a "child interface" relevant?  Appian doesn't particularly care whether some form interaction happens in a child versus parent interface (afaik the interpreter sees them all as sort of 'flattened' in any case)

    2) why are you trying to use a Start Process Link in a Save button?  Firstly, buttons can't have Start Process Links (since they're not a link); secondly, I'm confused why you wouldn't just use a standard process model for this, having your button submit the interface, do some activity (save to a table, etc), then proceed where you want.  Can you clarify what your intended process flow is, here?  Maybe a screenshot or two of what your setup is?

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