Split Value

Hi Appian People!

I have this code that split the value inside the CDT.

So for example I have a CTD:

  name: "Person",

  place: "City1,City2,City3"


When splitting the value, the output should be like this in an array form:

Expected: ["Person"; "City1,City2, City3"]

But the actual result I got is:  ["Person"; "City1"; "City2; "City3"]

the place where split in different index where it shouldn't be.

This is my current code

      "[] "
 local!updatedVal: a!forEach(
    items: local!splittedCDT,
    expression: replace(fv!item, 0, find("=", fv!item, 0), "")

Is anyone could help me with this? Thank You ahead.

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