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Hi there,

One question here

I have a URL need to be insert into email body. This URL will be different between DEV site and PROD site. I am trying to define a constant for this URL. but dont know how to insert it into email body, as "insert web link" does not accept constant. tried use using safelink in "Insert an expression". not good.

Could anyone let me know how to do it?



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    Certified Lead Developer
    3 months ago


    Create an expression rule for email body and call your expression rule in email body section using expression editior.

    For your environment specific URL Create a environment specific constant of type text and  call that constant in your expression.

      "Hi There,",
      "<br>" & char(10),
      "<br>" & char(10),
      "You have DAF approval task waiting for you. Please go to the ",
      "<a href=",
      /*Call your constant URL here - ex: cons!DAF_APPROVAL_TASK_URL */
      "DAF Workflow Process",
      " all your approvals tasks are listed under ""My Task"" tab.",
      "<br>" & char(10),
      "<br>" & char(10),
      "Thank you,",
      "<br>" & char(10),
      "Sender Details"


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    Certified Senior Developer
    3 months ago

    You will try like below code. I make a dynamic link in my application. I used here record type link. You can change as like your choice. I hope it will help you

      local!recordRef: tostring(
          recordType: 'recordType!{2807e918-8a87-4696-913f-2cec0198b9bc}KBS OrderInCart',
          identifier: ri!journeyId,
      local!recordLink: concat(