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I am using a smart service called "Export Data Store Entity to Excel" and generating a document and storing in a pv! variable.

Now, when I try to attach the same document in the "Send E-Mail" service, I am getting an error. I passed the variable to the "Attachments" like pv!reportName and tointeger(pv!reportName), but still no luck.

By looking into an error message I was unable to find the root cause.

Can someone advise please.


Problem:  An error occurred in executing an Activity Class.

Details:  Failed to process attachments

Recommended Action:  Examine the activity class to correct the error and then resume.

Priority of this problem: High Priority

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    As a secondary thing, be careful when you use "now()" to append a value to the filename.  "now()" when cast as text will create a date with slash and colon (":") characters in it - that will work (afaik) decently in Appian but will cause issues when anyone tries to download such a file since slashes are strictly disallowed in filenames in most PC filesystems.

    My normal trick to handle this is to set the filename with a safe string like "ExcelExport - " & text(now(), "yyyy-mm-dd")"

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