To start and end the process from the same screen

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Hi all,

I have the following requirement.  I have a related action in the application record where I am updating the application details.  I am updating several forms in the application like "Address Details, Educational Details, Experience Details, References etc".  I have separate screens and process models for editing each section. In the Update Application screen, I am displaying these section names and Edit link near the section names.  So when I click the "Edit" link the respective screen opens and I am able to edit the details of that section.

The problem I am facing is when I click the edit button, the process opens in a new tab instead of the same tab,  I am using a!startprocesslink to edit the details.  I want the edit process to open in the same tab, and when I finish editing the process, I want to return to the same update application screen.  How can I achieve this?


Brinda Sateesh

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