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I have an HttpResponse type pv holding following value:

[statusLine=HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error, statusCode=500, headers=[object Object], contentType=application/json, body={"type":""title":"Internal">","title":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"detail":"Error connecting to underlying system","instance":"XXXXX/error/uuid:XXXXxXXXXXXXXXX"}]

I am passing it to and expression rule and indexing "body" into a local variable responseBody , which is wprking ok, However when I try to index any of the attributes within body , such as "title", "type","detail","status", Index is not working and returning default value. I am trying as follows:

errorDescription: if(ri!success,"",if(a!isNullOrEmpty(local!responseBody),"",index(local!responseBody,"type",""))),

Checked runtime type of local!responseBody and it is AnyType,

Any thoughts suggestions? PS HttpResponse is  captures in AC!Result in an Integration node in PM.

This is quite strange , any inputs would be appreciated.

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