Get a list of all Knowledge Centers' names and sizes

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Hi all,

We're running out of disk space on our cloud environment. Appian Support has identified that the main culprits are our Knowledge Centers. They can't however identify which specific Knowledge Centers are the largest. We have over a hundred though so it may just be an accumulation of them all.

But anyway, I need to find all their individual sizes and am hoping someone knows how to do this without manually checking each Knowledge Center's properties?

An option I'm trying is: 

  local!knowledgeCenter: cons!ABC_KNOWLEDGE_CENTER_PROPERTIES,
    items: local!knowledgeCenter,
    expression: {
      creator: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "creator"),
      dateCreated: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "dateCreated"),
      description: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "description"),
      id: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "id"),
      name: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "name"),
      numberOfDocuments: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "numberOfDocuments"),
      size: knowledgecenter(fv!item, "size") / 1000000 & " MB"

Which outputs a useful list like this:

  • Dictionary
      • creator""(Text)
          • dateCreated28/11/2022 12:44 GMT+02:00(Date and Time)
              • description"Folder for knowledge center"(Text)
                  • id185543(Number (Integer))
                      • name"UVW Knowledge Center"(Text)
                          • numberOfDocuments 50(Number (Integer))
                              • size "10.95459 MB"(Text)
                                    • creator""(Text)
                                        • dateCreated10/07/2022 13:47 GMT+02:00(Date and Time)
                                            • description"Folder for knowledge center"(Text)
                                                • id1679445(Number (Integer))
                                                    • name"XYZ Knowledge Center"(Text)
                                                        • numberOfDocuments 38(Number (Integer))
                                                            • size "8.979983 MB"(Text)

                                                          Thing is, the Constant I'm using in the expression... I need to manually add each Knowledge Center to that Constant which also seems like a long way round:

                                                          Does anybody please have a simpler way to get a list of all Knowledge Centers and their sizes?

                                                          Many thanks,

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