Export DataStoreEntity to Excel - Timezone Issue

Hi Team,

I have requirement to run on scheduler to create case based on configuration and export some transactional data in the excel file, send an email. In the excel there is one column with datetime type is one of the columns and in the excel always it is exporting as the usertimezone. Example: This scheduler PM always run around 01:00 AM CST and last published designer time zone is GMT.As this user is administrator across platform level, so don't want to change user time zone to CST. Please find below items for reference.

1. I have run the PM in the CST timezone,Stil in the exported excel file taking the last published Administrator account time zone (GMT).

2. I can do it in data base, but i don't see any dynamic function to convert automatically handle daylight savings (Without hardcoding +06:00 hours..etc).

Can you please help me out to export excel the column data datetime as CST timzone.

Thanks and Regards

Venkatesh Suram

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