How to move to different site page?

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Hi All,

I have 2 site pages A and B. There is a link on page A and on click of the link the contents in site page B should be displayed. Can anyone please help me how to achieve this?

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    Hi  ,

    if you are using Appian version 23.4 then you can directly use a!urlForSite function within the a!safelink to redirect to stie pages. Or you can construct the url for site page using "https://your domain/suite/sites/your site name/page/page name" and use it in safe link.

              uri: a!urlForSite(
                sitePage: 'site!{f876ef5c-fb6d-413c-9575-99d8e53eb869}site.pages.B'
              openLinkIn: "SAME_TAB"