Appian overrides Excel cell with formula when data is added in those cells

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Hi Folks! I have a scenario here which seems impossible to solve.

We have an excel template where column A has formula that increments row number if we add data in column B. This excel is used as template in Appian where we are querying a view and dumping the data in this excel. When we tried doing this, the formula is overridden by the values from the view. So the formula doesn't work anymore if we add more rows in the excel. If we keep column A blank while generating template from Appian, we need to update something explicitly in column B for the values in column A to auto-populate. We don't want to use VBA code as well since macros are disabled by default.

Is there any way that the formula could work even if we dump data in column A from Appian, any plugin or configurations we could do in Appian or anything on excel side? We want to avoid the situation where we are keeping column A blank just for the formula to work or manually enter values in column A on every row insert in excel.

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