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Need some one help!!

I want to create a button style card layout.I cannot change  outer line color .How can i change outline color

            columns: {
                contents: {
                    contents: a!richTextDisplayField(
                      value: {
                          text: "Back",
                          color: "ACCENT",
                          style: "STRONG"
                      align: "CENTER",
                      marginAbove: "NONE",
                      marginBelow: "EVEN_LESS"
                    link: a!dynamicLink(
                      value: "ACCEPT"
                      /*saveInto: local!acceptTask,*/
                      /*showWhen: count(tointeger(local!selected)) <= 50*/
                    /*style: "INFO"*/
                contents: {}
                contents: {}

My desire image is below.

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    Each screen is created with a separate Process Model.
    I want to return to the list screen after clicking the back button.
    The list screen is not displayed when calling from site object.
    create back button with card layout and set it to a!startprocesslink, a list screen will be displayed when call it from site object.

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    Gotcha.  Start Process Link is one of the things that requires the "card as button" pattern override to be used.  Unfortunately that means you will need to work within the constraints of the Card Layout component.  I would suggest that you can set its background color, that might simply need to be enough.  Watch in future iterations of appian as they are likely to add new tweaks and/or enhance current capabilities, but I wouldn't let your current design depend on possible future additions that may or may not happen.