How to pass a pv! as value for contents in Create PDF (smart service) plugin?

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How to pass a pv! as value for content in Create PDF (smart service) plugin? in Process model 

 I can pass a few words as value using this code which I got from community,

page: 1,
xPercent: 10,
yPercent: 10,
angle: 0,
sections: {
style: null,
components: {
value: "Some"
value: "text"

but I try to pass a pv! as value into the contents I got this error 

is there any possible to pass a pv as a value in this code 

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    If you populate "pv!paragraph" with some simple text does it still get the same error as above, or did you just run it with something complex so far?  One thing I'd like to rule out is the possibility that maybe some special characters were passed in that break the PDF generation.  What has the PV value been in previous instances where you try to run it and it gives that error?