Can Appian receive and store a Long data type? If so, how? I can't fin

Can Appian receive and store a Long data
type? If so, how? I can't find it in docs. ...



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  • Yes, we can retrieve or store long data type values to DB from Appian. To achieve it we need to make annotation in the CDT according to the database that we are using.

    Please refer the table under Primitive Data Types in the below link for annotations
  • I did see the Long is the primitive data type but it says the Appian Data Type for it is an Number (Integer). And as you can see from this page below

    there is a max on the # of digits. I do not see how to import a Long which is longer than allowed for an integer. If you are going to say map it with XSD annotations, but please tell me which annotation and any doc on that, as I don't see it.

    Number (Integer)
    Integer numbers can range from -2,147,483,647 to 2,147,483,647 (or from -231+1 to 231-1 in scientific notation). This limit is imposed by Java.

    The default value is 0 and the null value is -2\\^31.

    Integer numbers can be created from text strings using the tointeger() function.

    When an arithmetic operation (such as an expression) creates a Number (Integer) value that exceeds the type's limits, the value wraps.

    2147483647 + 10 = -2,147,483,639
    2147483647 + 1 = -2147483648 - interpreted as null. When looking in the user interface at a process variable changed to this value, an [Empty Value] result is displayed.
    When values that exceed the Number(Integer) range are passed through a user interface, the excessive value is changed.

    In most cases, this is changed to a null value.
    When a value that exceeds the Number(Integer) range is converted to Number(Integer) from a string in an engine server (such as when you convert text to an integer using the tointeger() function), the excessive value is changed to the maximum value.
  • How exactly does Appian store a Long data type? If it is with an XSD Annotation, than which Annotation? I can not find specifics on which Annotation in any Appian 7.8 Docs, and none of the listed Annotations look like would do it. I am missing something.

  • @greggl, did you ever get an answer on this?
  • No I did not. I don't think it's actually possible.
  • , I'm facing the same thing. I know it' been old case, but just wanted to check if you found any workaround for same.