Hi All , Do we have any functions to retrieve UUID of the process mod

Hi All ,

Do we have any functions to retrieve UUID of the process model through process id and client IP Address in Appian .

Thanks in Advance



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  • @bhargavie Hi, would you please be able to let us know the significance of Client's IP address here?

    If you want to obtain a process model uuid from process id, if you aren't aware of any approach, here goes one such:
    1. Create a Process Report that holds process id (pp!id) and process model id(pm!id) columns.
    2. Use fn!getProcessModelDetailsByUUID() from 'Content Details by UUID' plugin and the input to this function is the id (Use a!queryProcessAnalytics() to get the results) derived from the above step.
  • With JAVA API functions/methods we can get UUID of a process model through Process Id. Try with ProcessDesignService API like
    ProcessDesignService pds = ServiceLocator.getProcessDesignService(context);
    ProcessModel pm=pds.getProcessModel(processId);
    String uuid=pm.getUuid();
  • @bhargavie - On top of @Sikhi's comments - As per my understandingThe function fn!getProcessModelDetailsByUUID() requires designer/administrator access to be called. Please keep security in mind if you are planning to use it on interface.
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    @bhargavie you can retrieve UUID of the Process Model using tp!uuid where tp means Task Properties
  • Just in case, if security is a concern, Eduardo has made few suggestions (such as enhancing Plugin when the environment is On-Premise) at forum.appian.com/.../e-104224.

    Else we may also write a rule that derives the uuid from the process model id as follows and I believe that in this case there isn't a need to worry about security. This would be helpful when we are not in the context of a process (If the context of process is available, then we can make the query under Designer privileges)

    fn!displayvalue(ri!processModelId,{cons!MY_PROCESS_MODEL_1},{<UUID of Process Model 1>},null)
  • I'll have to jump in on this conversation to clarify some items that are currently being discussed:

    1. This statement is NOT correct "You can retrieve UUID of the Process Model using tp!uuid where tp means Task Properties". This property gives you the UUID of the node not the uuid of the model.

    pm!uuid is the property that gives the UUID for the current model where this expression is invoked.

    2. Version 2.5.1 of Content Details by UUID no longer requires Designer access for getProcessModelDetailsByUUID() to run

    3. It's correct that getProcessModelDetailsByUUID() can take either an ID or a UUID and will return the data for that model

    4. Client IP Address in Appian is only logged during the login attempt in login-audit.csv
  • @Eduardo Out of curiosity, did you update the point 2 in the Summary Dashboard of the 'Content Details by UUID' Shared Component Record? I believe that it's not present till last day. Anyhow that's really good to know that designer access in't required anymore.
  • I did but I put the wrong date. Now it has the right date:

    UPDATED 05.25.2016

    -getProcessModelDetailsByUUID no longer requires the user to be a designer.
  • @Eduardo Ah that clarifies things. Due to the very in-existence of the update, we missed the Designer Access point and thanks for pitching in.
  • I actually made the change to the code today too. I apologize if my post made it sound like the update was done a long time ago, it's actually new updated from today.