portal form event rules

I need to implement a function on portal form. On the portal form, I show documents details in a grid in which there a link column. By clicking the link, i need to show the previous versions of the document from that row. I am stuck at how to code the event rules for the link column. Any code example will be appreciated.


  • There isn't really an out of the box way to handle this. The start of resolving this would be so that the click event of the link runs some JS to then show another grid. Alternatively, you could have the grid be selectable, a button that corresponds to 'see previous versions', and then loop out of the form and then back to the form. While in the process model, retrieve (presumably from your database?) the information of the previous versions and showing them in a new grid.
  • @shayongw, as per your requirement it is not possible to write any code for displaying previous versions of documents when click on present versions for that you need to write smart plugin and do the functionality as @williamr suggestes.
  • thank you @williamr and @bhanuprakashm, I already have the expression plugin to get the previous versions. The problem is how to get the document is when the link is clicked.

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