Random Value Generation

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I would like to know, is there any function available which can generate Integer random value, based on our specified range. As there is an function Available named as rand() which do not have any parameters, and returns the value of Type Number (Decimal). although we can take out the value after . (dot) and can convert it to an Integer, but in this case also we cannot get the value based on our specified range, so we do not have any control over number of digits gets generated Randomly

For Example: rand() => returns =>           0.6031346

Can be formatted as

local!data: split(tostring(rand()), "."),

which returns: 6031346

But here user do not have opportunity to get random numbers within its specified range like,

random(100) => 99, 87 etc.....
random(1000) => 999, 124, 846 etc...



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