Extracting data from excel sheet to CDT

Hi All,

I need to validate the data uploaded by user in form of xslc doc into a CDT (array) by clicking Validate button before the users proceeds to submit the form.

What is the best approach to achieve this? calling a process model to import data and validate or achievable in UI with readexcelspreadsheettocdt

Thanks for your inputs and suggestions


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  • Possible approach:
    1. Get the data in the excel into a CDT variable - use the plugin for this. the plugin should contain a expression function for it, so that it could be used on the SAIL form
    2. Then validate it on the SAIL form itself.
    3. Enable/Disable the submit button based on the validation.

    A problem here will be that - since you want to validate before the form is submitted, the excel document will not actually have been created in Appian system - hence permanent docId would not have been generated. So, the plugin function may not work..
    The Excel tools plugin (forum.appian.com/.../summary) has a function to read data from Excel, but you need to check what inputs it needs.
    It is likely that it needs a docId, in that case the docId needs to be valid one (and for that the document should be actually uploaded in Appian).
    If that is the case, then you need to think of some other approach
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    this link seems to be out dated

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