Reading Json Data from a Document

Hi All,

I will be getting the data from an external system in Json format in a Json File,

I know to use a!fromJson and convert that into a CDT type.

But my problem is I am not able to read the data from that File as a text to pass to a!fromJson function

Could someone help me in bridging this.



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  • [
    "A": 0,
    "B": "AAA",
    "C": 0,
    "D": "AAA",
    "E": "Pending",
    "F": "",
    "G": "AAA",
    "H": 1461220449000,
    "I": " ",
    "J": "",
    "K": "",
    "L": "AA 99000/0078 - 0001",
    "M": 30379,
    "N": "",
    "O": "",
    "P": "",
    "Q": "",
    "R": "",
    "S": "",
    "T": "",
    "U": "2926",
    "V": null,
    "W": null,
    "X": false,
    "Y": false,
    "Z": false


    Just copy this into a document and save it as a json file for reference...
    I need to read that file and show case this results in a CDT format and use that data in screens.

    Thanks :)