Deployment of Autogenerated WSDL cdts



I have recently updated my WSDL cdts in my dev environment using Refresh Services in the smart service. When trying to deploy a nested wsdl cdt to QA environment, I am receiving the below error.


An error occurred while updating datatype [id=6974 uuid={}postProviderLocationsRequest$anonymous]: The type cannot be imported because it references a type [{}location] for which no <xsd:include/> or <xsd:import/> XSD directive appears on its definition. (APNX-1-4047-00C) (APNX-1-4071-008)


I notice that, while the cdt postProviderLocationsRequest was refreshed in dev, location cdt was not updated. Also, the type definition of location in postProviderLocationsRequest says [Unnamed Type].

What is the cause of this error? Should location be included in the package? Should location have also refreshed?

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