Import CSV to Database


I am using "Import CSV to Database" smart service in my application and it will run properly.

But when i use it in my different application with same CDTs fields and same CSV file, it doesn't reflect the data in Database.

1. Both applications are in the same Org.

2. Both having different Table name with same fields.

  • Just to double-check, but you did change the 'Table Name' input across the different smartservices correct? If so, is there any error that gets thrown (or anything in the logs) when the second table fails to populate as expected?
  • In reply to Kenneth Chen:

    Hi Kenneth,
    In my CSV file, i have "Date" as a column name i.e automatically in dd/mm/yyyy format.
    But while Importing, i am not able to Import the file because Appian having a Date format as yyyy-mm-dd.
    Any suggestion ?
  • I am done with this, just check that Column name in CSV does not contain any "_" symbol and also check the format of values of Date Column if any, because sometime it doesn't accept the Date format in Appian.

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