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Hello Everyone,

We have requirement in which we are uploading the vehicle image and we need to identify the different parts of the vehicle on click or mouse hover. 

Can we implement it in Appian and how?

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    You can use the image of the vehicle as the backgroud image of a billboard layout and put controls over the image of the car.  They could be rich text or icons or links, or even images grabbed from the background and placed so that they line up seamlessly, making almost invisible controls.  The invisible controls will take the most work, you only have a limited set of options for how to align them, and it simply won't be possible to do dynamically if you're planning on uploading different images of vehicles at runtime.

    If you're wanting to have the computer identify which part of a new image you're clicking on, you're going to need to build a custom plugin to reference an image recognition webservice, unless you're able to find one that meets your needs in the appian app market.

  • Thanks David,

    It will definitely help but as you mentioned I am looking for dynamic solution.

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