Appian Data to be accessed by non-apian users

I have a requirement where a non-Appian user needs to access data in Appian system either through SAIL form or in any other way and provide his/her inputs against the each field of Appian data which I need to capture
back into Appian system. I have studied about Embedded Interface but as per my understanding it also requires to enter Appian credentials for accessing the Embedded Interface. Can anyone suggest me the best approach for achieving this requirement. Thanks in Advance

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. I guess this approach will fulfill the requirement provided Admin rights to Outlook. Could you please clarify my below points with respect to this Task Viewer Add-in

    1) The task url which we are being shown in the mail would be a normal task built on SAIL or any additional things to be configured for making it Embedded Interface?

    2) Does the user on whose Outlook the Add-in is configured could be a Non-Appian user?

    3) What will be the Assignment of the task which we are sharing in mail

    I couldn't find answers to these points in the documentation shared hence requesting for your help.Thanks in Advance.

  • Note: at this time, this functionality is limited to the versions listed in Appian's documentation.

    To your questions:

    1) no additional work. 

    2) The recipient needs to be an appian user.

    3) Assign the task to the user.

    This is why I bring in SSO.  If these users are a small few high-level executives.  You can go to the effort to set up their PC's with the necessary add-ins, and to verify SSO is working for them.  Then the users don't need to goto Appian - they just complete the task in their inbox.

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