sending a document to a rest web-api in base64 chunks

Hi all,

I am trying to write a Process Model in Appian which uses an interface to accept a document from the user [of any size] and then feed that document to our document management system using its REST web-api.

The document management system provides a web-api which allows you to call a method to create a document, and this call will return a document id. You can then subsequently send chunks of the document using that document id as a base64 string.

So, what I have done so far is to develop an interface which successfully accepts documents from the user and stores them into an appian folder.

Now what I need to do is get those documents and convert them into a base64 string and then send them a chunk at a time to the web-api provided by our document management system.

Can anyone advise how I would do this using a process model?

thanks heaps,


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