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We are experiencing an issue with the new Microsoft Dynamics integration / Connected System object. We need to create a note ("annotation") linked to an another entity ("contact"). This works in Postman (screenshot attached) - however, when we try the same things in Appian, it fails. We have tried a quite a few things.
There are two Appian-side images attached.
On the first example, we try to send the request using "define all values with a single expression" including "objectid_contact@odata.bind" - however, while checking the body of what is actually sent in the request, we noticed that this parameter was ignored. Also we tried this including "objectid" instead, which we believe is supposed to be a universal parameter that will be used for linking, but while Appian includes it, it is not properly sending it with what we believe is the proper parameter name: "objectid_contact@odata.bind".
On the second example , we try to send the request using "Specify values for each input"- however while checking the body of the request the parameter is sent like "objectid@odata.bind" but it should be "objectid_contact@odata.bind".
Does anyone have any insight into how to get this to work?

  • For Dynamics, Appian pulls the available properties from the Entity, in this case "Note".  You can see the available properties Appian identified in the Properties grid when "Specify values for each input" is selected.  I understand you are trying to use a property that is not present (objectid_contact@odata.bind), which is resulting in Appian stripping this field out.  Appian will only send the fields we have identified.  You have also tried to use the property "objectid@odata.bind", but unsuccessfully.  

    Have you tried splitting this into multiple requests?  In searching for a solution to your issue, I found this suggestion  It seems that making one request to create the entity, and then a follow up request to link the contact may work.

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