Appian (Cloud) and Blue Prism (installed on local machine) integration

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I am implementing the Appian (Cloud) and Blue Prism (installed on local machine) integration by following the Blue_Prism_RPA_Integration_Application

While validation the set up, system is throwing the following error. 

Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error: An error occurred while executing a smart service: [title:The requested URL cannot be found,message:The external system did not find the requested URL or is refusing to allow access,detail:HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found]

As per the documentation, If we receive a "404 Not Found" error, ensure your object is exposed as a web service in Blue Prism.

But both object and process of blue prism were exposed as web services successfully and are ready to consume.

I am suspecting that this issue is due to the communication between the Cloud (Appian) and local machine (Blue Prism installed).

Can any one guide me in achieving this communication. If you have any suggestions please provide to succeed.

please provide your suggestions.

Thank you

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