Integration to Facebook

We are working on creating an application that will post messages to Workplace (Facebook for our company).  The API documentation is not very helpful.  We are able to post but we have not been able to format our message.  Does anyone have any expreience with posting to Facebook?

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  • The issue we had was that Appian was trimming all blanks and carriage returns from our text which caused problems in our Markdown Formatting.  We found Text Utilities plugin in the App Market.  It has a function called urlencode.  This now allows us to pass the Markdown formatting to Facebook.

    Here is a copy of the rule we are using for posting to Faacebook our weekly winners. If you have any need for posting Markdown formatting to an application I recommend using this function.  Thank you michael.chirlin the creator of the plugin.

    "The Top Op of the Week for " & rule!TO_getWeekStartDay(
    ) & " - " & rule!TO_getWeekStartDay(
    ) + 6 & " is **" & rule!COMMON_formatUserFirstLastName(
    ) & "**! " & rule!COMMON_returnFirstName(
    ) & " was nominated for demonstrating the Guiding Principle of **" & ri!weeklyWinner.guidingPrincipleName & "**. Awesome work!" & char(
    ) & "* Description: " & ri!weeklyWinner.shiftDate & " - " & ri!weeklyWinner.action & "."