getting more than 1000 documents using folder() in appian web api

I am writing an Appian web API, to retrieve documents from our Appian system which will be used to integrate with our other systems.

To this end, I am using the folder() method to get information about the contents of a folder in appian.


The problem I am having is that while this code works most of the time - we have some cases where there are more than 1000 documents stored against the case. I note that the appian documentation at:

States that:

"The documentChildren and folderChildren properties return up to the first 1000 documents or folders, respectively, that are direct children of the selected folder".

My problem is that we have a few cases where there are more than 3000 documents attached to the case. Is there a way to get a list of of those child documents, or am I plain out of luck?

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