Error while training Intelligent Document Processing model.

Hi Team,

I have got the Intelligent Document Processing(IDP) Application from APPIAN Community and successfully deployed the application by following the instructions.

I have created a new Document Type by following the documentation provided in APPIAN Community.

I have also created a Google Cloud and integrated with IDP Application as per the requirement. But i haven't come across any documentation provided for this on APPIAN Community so i have created as per my knowledge.

Now while training the model with new Document Type by uploading a zip containing 10 sample PDFs and i can see a Process model(DU Train AutoML Natural Language Model) started in the backend and It has created a new DataSet(ID & Name) and begins training the model.

I can see errors have been captured in the process variables(attached screenshot for reference) while the process is still running and finally throws exception after 24 hours.

I feel like i have not created the Google Cloud correctly.

Kindly help me with this.

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