oAuth client credentials - error

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when i try to create connected system to use linkedin api by using oAuth client credential, getting the below error message.

Token Request Endpoint :



Authorization unsuccessful. We could not connect to the token request endpoint. Check the configuration and confirm that it matches what you registered with the protected resource.

Any suggestions?

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  • Hi  , hopefully a quick question on this. With the Authorisation Link, when I authorise via the login prompt I can access data no problem via the API's without using anything in the header or body. However, when I then access via the mobile interface I need to sign in again - is this because it is stored on the client side?

    Also, how do you access the token to allow it to be stored after using the Authorisation Link? I am assuming access to the token and then refreshing in the background would then prevent having to re-log in once authenticated?

    p.s - I am using the FitBit API's as a demo authentication project for learning