Query data from API endpoint that requires AWS Cognito Authorization token

I am using the Trial Version of Appian as i am new to the ecosystem and trying to create an sample application that will query data from an API endpoint that requires an AWS Cognito authorization token to authenticate the user accessing the API.  I tried using the API Key on the Connected System object i created, where the header name is authorization and i place my AWS Cognito token as the value of the API Key, but I get the following error.  Any suggestions that would help me understand this and allow me to make this work would be greatly appreciated.  

Dictionary success: false result: HttpResponse statusLine: "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" statusCode: 403 headers: Dictionary Server: "Server" Date: "Tue, 08 Jun 2021 15:12:10 GMT" Content-Type: "application/json" Content-Length: "23" Connection: "keep-alive" x-amzn-RequestId: "8a4c3490-c568-41dd-98e0-518312a3b3c4" x-amzn-ErrorType: "ForbiddenException" x-amz-apigw-id: "AnJPnEtooAMF9Pw=" contentType: "application/json" body: "{"message":"Forbidden"}" error: IntegrationError title: "You are not permitted to perform the requested operation" message: "The external system understood the request but refused to authorize it" detail: "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" connectedSystem: null (Connected System)

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