Query Parameters sent by the user input and passed to the WebAPI

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Hello everyone.

My use case is the following:

I have a Web API that is expecting three query parameters: startDate, endDate and clientId.

I want to be able for my user to choose these parameters from an interface and then sent them as query parameters to the integration I have configured in my process model and then work with the result.body.

The first interface that it's shown to the user:

Here is the process model:

So far, I'm able to make tests with the WebAPI itself:

And also with the Integration Object:

But I'm not being able to complete the wiring between the user input and the Call Integration object, because somehow it fails.

This is the map I have in the input field of the integration object:

And the outputs:

And I'm expecting that these inputs are passed as query params so I can manipulate the ac!Result.body and map it for the next interface, but the object can't really complete the request, failing.

I'm just hoping for the user to fill out the form and then sent the information as a query param to the WebAPI call, but somehow I'm not seeing exactly how and I already read all the documentation from Appian.

Thanks in advance!

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  • In looking at your configuration for the "Call Integration" node inputs, it looks like you're missing which input values you want to provide to that node. Usually the best approach is to save data from your user input task into a process variable, and then use those process variables within each input value in later nodes in the process.

    I'm also a little confused why you have both an integration and a Web API. Keep in mind that an Integration rule is used anytime you want Appian to make a request to an external system, while a Web API is used when you want an external system to make a request to Appian. If you have a user input task, you likely don't need a Web API because the user is providing the data directly in your process model.