record error while displaying a related action

when I try to call a related action I am getting the following error:

The Requested Record Type Is Not Available Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = ad9b8:6311a] at function a!recordList: An error occurred while retrieving the data for "UMS DOL AAPP". Details: Unexpected error executing query (type: [VAAPPDetailsDT5451], query: [Report on Record Type], order by: [[Sort[aapp asc]]], filters:[null]) (APNX-1-4198-000)

And the error is not constantly showing up, sometimes it shows and other times it doesn’t. I have created the CDT via Appian so all the values are the same as the table. Any Input will be greatly appreciated

if you can point me to the right place to see why this error is happening, will be great

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  • Can you take a look at the app server logs (tomcat-stdOut.log)? Usually they will show more information about what the error is. Often in cases like this it's related to invalid data - for example if you have a date in the database that is listed as 00-00-0000 Appian cannot query that data and shows an error like this.