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The client wants us to log information about everything that goes in and out of the app through APIs and integrations. Appian logs a lot of stuff by default. So far I've found: 

api_key.csv - saves information about any api keys used for our APIs, including identifying information for the key itself, what endpoint it was used to access, and the ip address of the client that accessed it

oauth_callback.csv - saves all oauth calls that made to other systems. includes the user that made the request, the connected system it was made too and whether it was successful or not

oauth_client_credentials_grant_for_web_apis.csv - saves oauth requests made to our APIs. Includes the service account that was accessed, the endpoint that was accessed, and client ip addresses

Integration_summary.csv - I am not quite sure what this is. It seems to be a summary log taken every 5 minutes of the amount of time spent on all integrations in that 5 minutes. (is there some way to reduce the frequency? Every 5 minutes seems way too often)

integration_details.csv - basically the same info as the integration summary log, but itemized

web_api_summary.csv - same as integration_summary.csv but for APIs (again that 5 minute summary seems unreasonably short)

web_api_details.csv - same as integration_details.csv but for APIs

integration_req_resp_activity.log - contains the responses from integrations with HTTP Request/Response Logging enabled, though the body of those responses is obscured. 

Finally there's also integration_trace.csv and web_api_trace.csv, but both of those logs appear empty. I've enabled tracing as per the documentation, and the file size is not 0, suggesting something should be in those logs, but when I download them I just get a blank file.  

So here are my main questions. 

1) Are there any other log files (related to API/integrations) that I am missing? 

2) If I wanted to save the responses for these integrations/APIs (including the body that is normally obscured in the logs), how would I best go about doing that? 

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