Integration API Logs saving to database


I've been assigned on creating a dashboard which includes showing all the Logs that are executed in the integration..

As we can see.. once put check on the integration object the "Enable HTTP request/response logging for this integration object" and we clicked on test request in the integration, it is saved is the

system logs>perflogs> http-request-and-responses

As for my task, I need to get details from it and save it in appian DB.

For POST method:
I've managed to get a workaround on this by going to the PM's that were used to execute post integration and just added "write to datastore" in the flow for

storing it in the DB.

For GET method:
I can't seem to find a way on when get integration is executed. I've used smart service also like a!startprocess etc. added in the handler of the get method and it just won't work since we cant run smart service on get method.

Do you guys have any suggested workaround for getting the Integration API logs and save it directly to the database so instead of going to the system logs, It can be shown in my created dashboard..

Thank you!

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