Why multi part request body PDF document is failing in my Integration (extension changed)

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I've created an Integration component and I have a PDF to send to a remote REST API (by POST method).

So I've created an Appian document, and I've upload a PDF file (Test1.pdf) as it.

When I call the remote API, I get an error in the response : "developerMessage : Extension non authorized - filename: "Test1.pdf.zip"  "

Do you know why this component is adding ".zip" extension to the PDF file ?

Of course, I've tested it before in Postman and all works fine.

In my request body (in Appian), I've set my param like this :

Name : "document"  

Content Type : Document (auto-detect)

Value : (RI is uploaded with Test1.pdf)

I've tried another way : Content Type = Custom (with  application/pdf) but I obtain another error : "Internal error: Required request part 'document' is not present"

Any idea ?

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