DocuSign - how to get your workflow ID

Hello everyone,

I need to integrate my appian app with DocuSign. So I created connected system using DocuSign type. Then I created integration to this connected system using "Create and Send Envelope" operation to create a draft envelope with recipients with defined order.

It works fine - but subsequently I need to implement multi-factor recipient authentication -> require phone authentication for my signers. Checking DocuSign documentation I can see that I need to add "identityVerification" part in envelope definition that is sent in POST method. The "identityVerification" part requires workflowId parameter.

The question is: How to get this workflowId parameter using Appian?
The docusign documentation says that to obtain my workflow ID I need to make a request to the identity_verification endpoint on the Accounts resource of the eSignature REST API using your {API_ACCOUNT_ID} to retrieve the workflow ID. The response will include an array of workflow IDs.
Example url using HTTP GET method: "${account_id}/identity_verification".
It is clear, but I do not know how to do this using Appian since it allows me to use only limited operations.

Currently my envelope definition looks like this:

  emailSubject: "Example Mail Title",
  recipients: {
    signers: {
      name: "John Smith",
      email: "",
      recipientId: 1,
      routingOrder: 1,
      deliveryMethod: "email",
      note: "This is a private email note only for Signer1.",
      identityVerification: {
        workflowId: "???WORKFLOW_ID???",
        inputOptions: {
          phoneNumberList: {

and without workflow parameter it creates in docusign draft envelope with my signer details but without setting Phone Authentication as if Identity Verification part would not be included in  envelope definition at all.

Thank you in advance!

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