Google places Api for address auto suggest

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i want to create address auto suggestion interface. i found a method called google places api. can you plase explain me how to do that

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    I copied your ask into ChatGPT and got the following response. It is not 100% correct in every detail, but might be a good start.

    Creating an address auto-suggestion interface using the Google Places API in Appian involves a few steps. You'll need to integrate the Google Places API into your Appian application and build a user interface to display the suggestions. Here's a high-level overview of how to do this:

    1. **Set Up a Google Cloud Project**:
    - Go to the [Google Cloud Console](
    - Create a new project or select an existing one.
    - Enable the "Places API" for your project.

    2. **Generate API Key**:
    - In the Google Cloud Console, navigate to "APIs & Services" > "Credentials."
    - Create a new API key and restrict it to the "Places API."

    3. **Configure Appian**:
    - In your Appian application, go to the "External Systems" section.
    - Create a new external system for the Google Places API and provide the API key in the configuration.

    4. **Create a Web API Integration**:
    - In Appian, create a new web API integration object.
    - Use the base URL for the Google Places API, such as ``.
    - Define the necessary request parameters, such as `input`, which is the text entered by the user, and the `key`, which is your API key.

    5. **Build a User Interface**:
    - Create a user interface in Appian for the address auto-suggestion.
    - Add an input field where users can type their address.
    - Use a text change event or a button to trigger the API call when the user enters text.
    - Display the results from the Google Places API as a suggestion list beneath the input field.

    6. **Call the Google Places API**:
    - In the Appian process model, use the web API integration object you created in step 4.
    - Pass the user's input to the API.
    - Parse the response to extract the suggested addresses.

    7. **Display Suggestions**:
    - Populate a list or grid component in your user interface with the suggested addresses from the API response.
    - Allow users to select an address from the list, which can be used to populate other form fields.

    8. **Handle User Selection**:
    - When a user selects a suggestion, update the input field with the selected address.
    - You may also want to store the selected address in your Appian process model or take other relevant actions based on the selection.

    9. **Error Handling**:
    - Implement error handling to deal with scenarios where the API call fails or returns no results.

    10. **Testing and Refinement**:
    - Test your address auto-suggestion interface thoroughly to ensure it works as expected.
    - Refine the user experience based on user feedback and testing results.

    Keep in mind that the Google Places API has usage limits and billing policies, so be sure to review the pricing and usage documentation to ensure that your application complies with their terms. Also, consider implementing security measures to protect your API key and user data.