Change Password Link in Appian's Login Screen


We have a requirement to provide the users with a functionality to change their passwords on the login screen. To meet this requirement I am able to show a "Change Password" link on the login page but when I click on it, it's not redirecting me to the "changepassword.jsp" page. It's showing the first screen or the login screen only. However the url of that screen gets changed to localhost:8080/.../ once the link is clicked.

Login page url - localhost:8080/.../tempo

Can anyone tell me what I am missing and how can I achieve this functionality?

Below is the code added in login.jsp inside the placeholder given by Appian -

<div class="button_box_links">
<%-- AN-47877 placeholder for custom links such as "Forgot password" --%>                     
                               <li><asi:link href="/personalization/" ><fmt:message key="Reset" /></a...


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