RPA (Blue Prism) integration with Appian application

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Anyone working on or having thoughts on integrating Appian with RPA tool (Blue Prism) ?


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  • Hi, can you let me know what kind of integration you are looking here?
  • Integration between Appian and Blue prism is pretty good. There are customers that are using the two products together. The blue prism 'bot' can use the Appian interface to submit forms or complete tasks. Some typical scenarios include copying data from a legacy system (especially legacy systems without any available integration points) and using that data inside Appian for things like search/lookup or data rekeying.

    The Blue Prism 'bot' works exactly like any other user, it can log in to a system open a particular intergace copy data, enter data, and so on. The tasks that are highly repetitive and do not require much human cognition are best sutied for automation using tools like Blue Prism. Hope this helps!
  • We have done a PoC on this kind of integration. We created a service account and the BOT logs in to Appian using the service account credentials. Upon login, the BOT will pick up tasks from the queue and can complete the task and/or copy to data to legacy systems. It is possible.
  • Also, I personally don't recommend BOT to work on any decision making tasks unless BOT has been configured/designed to take a right action using the data present on the screen. BOT can be used to do any copy work to a legacy system.
  • I second what Prittam says. Appian has good integration capabilities with Blue Prism and we have a few customers in UK who do that. There are multiple options - such as web service which is a powerful and standardized way to establish this integration.
  • We have done the integrations using external databases.

    So Appian writes to the external databases and in-turn BP reads the data from those databases and does the process automation job.