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Can you guys help me to resolve this .

An error occurred while trying to write to the entity “testTableR” [id=29e7a83e-f6e0-4bd6-a17f-5cc8c25ca65f@384909, type=testTableR (id=21820)] (data store: Testing). Details: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The list of records to be saved must not be null or empty: TypedValue[it=21821,v=<null>] Data: TypedValue[it=21821,v=<null>]

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  • I mostly see this happen in one of two cases:

    1. You don't have an input value defined for your write to data store entity. Make sure you reference a variable for the value.

    2. You have a variable defined for the value, but the variable is null. In this scenario, check the current value of your variables in the monitoring mode by going to File > Properties. If your value is null, you might not have saved something correctly at a previous step in the process.

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    Sorry to bring back this thread, but your answer is the most succint to this question which is asked so many times. I have no configuration errors that I can think off. The Data Type is correct, the Database Table is correct, the PK is autognerated and the Process Details tab clearly shows the pv I'm using to pass data has values. I simply cannot get past this error. I even checked if latest process version is being used and it is. I cannot think of anything else to check. Driving me nuts and halting my learning.

  • Is it possible that you have list of values that contains a null? Can you share some screenshots of what you're seeing? The most helpful would be your process model configuration and the variable in the monitoring view of your process model.

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