Convert Interval(Days to Second) to HH:mm

Hi All,

How can I convert Interval(Day to Second) in to HH:mm format?

Thanks in advance

  • I'd suggest looking at the timevalue() funciton. This will show an interval as a time data type. Then, you should be able to format the time however you like using the text() function. 

  • Just checking my understanding of what you per your example data (87::02:03:24.116) - you want this value (which is effectively 84 Days, 2 hours, 3 minutes and 24.116 seconds) to be displayed as hours and minutes, as per the following calculation:

    (87*24)+2 hours, 3 minutes = 2090 hours 3 minutes, rendered as 2090:03

    (this ignores any fractions of minutes as I presume only whole minutes are required.

    Is this what you're looking for? If so, there is no function that will do this for you, you'll need to build something that will extract the components from the Interval value and then perform the above calculation.

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