Query Entity data retrieval ?


Will that query entity fetch 10,000 records at a time ? And What is the best approach do you follow to get that large set of data from database ?



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  • Hi,

    It dependents on the volume of data, ex you querying a table which have only 3 columns vs 50 columns. When querying tables we need to follow certain best practices

    • Query only the data that you need using query selection
      • ex: If table have 50 columns if you only need to show 10 columns only query those 10 columns not the entire table
    • Don't query all the data when you load the page (If your planning to display that data in read only grid)
      • Use paging info to query the data in batches 
    • Also, create indexes in your table most frequent columns that you query (As part of normalization) 
  • Appian is not meant to load huge volumes of data into memory. You will need to adapt your solution approach to the nature of the platform.

  • As Stefan Suggested do not load so much of data in Appian, use the paging info to control your dataset.