Stuck in Exercise 8: Process Modeling 101, Part 1-- Need help. Thanks

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I am learning Appian Developer Module. Completed Workflow Module - 

Process Modeling 101: Automate Your Business Processes

Now working on Build an Application: Step 8 but Unfortunately stuck since morning to resolve One error on Interface design.

Need help!!!

Exercise 8: Process Modeling 101, Part 1

In -> Add Dropdown Components

When I am doing the below step Error is not getting removed even after doing exact step by step procedure.

5. Next, configure the Category field to display correct choices in the dropdown menu. Make sure the Category field is selected, and scroll to Choice Labels in the Component Configuration pane. Click the Expression Editor icon next to it, and enter the following expression:


You will see an error message appear because the choiceLabels and choiceValues arrays are currently different lengths. This message will disappear after the next step.

6. Scroll to Choice Values, and click the Expression Editor icon next to it. Enter the following expression: local!category[recordType!]

Please Need your help, in my learning journey

Same steps I have to do for Status and Condition.

Thanks & Regards


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