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Hi, I am trying to learn Appian RPA (parse excel file) on macbook as a resource as per the procedure given by Appian at https://academy.appian.com/#/online-courses/57b938d8-8880-4d2c-bf8e-aa5c3e9cb1fd (page 12 of the tutorial)..

Background (what works)

While using a windows resource

and if we mention pv!fileProperties.path in the File Path menu - the BOT works as expected. 

Problem Statement (what I need help with)

Now since I am using a mac my fileProperties value is looking like

[{"name":".DS_Store","path":"/Users/jbanerjee/Desktop/Business Opportunities/.DS_Store","size":6.00390625,"createdAt":1659959223000,"lastModifiedAt":1659959223000,"extension":"DS_Store","type":"FILE"},{"name":"ParseExcelTutorial.xlsx","path":"/Users/jbanerjee/Desktop/Business Opportunities/ParseExcelTutorial.xlsx","size":4.9775390625,"createdAt":1659959185000,"lastModifiedAt":1659959185000,"extension":"xlsx","type":"FILE"}]
as you see for some reason 2 values are captured instead of 1. I have already shared my findings with Appian Technical Support team and they are looking into this as to why mac is generating 2 records even if only 1 excel file is present in the folder.
anyway for now a workaround is extract the value as highlighted in red above into a variable and use it in the File Path. Is there a way I can achieve this? please see there is a square bracket. 
let me know if any questions..I have already shared the link to the appian rpa tutorial that I am trying to build on my macbook. (please see that I have successfully build the same BOT on my windows machine, it is just that I am not able to do on macbook where I need help with) 

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  • I am not sure if you are looking for this.

    local!jsonString: substitute("[{""name"":"".DS_Store"",""path"":""/Users/jbanerjee/Desktop/Business Opportunities/.DS_Store"",""size"":6.00390625,""createdAt"":1659959223000,""lastModifiedAt"":1659959223000,""extension"":""DS_Store"",""type"":""FILE""},{""name"":""ParseExcelTutorial.xlsx"",""path"":""/Users/jbanerjee/Desktop/Business Opportunities/ParseExcelTutorial.xlsx"",""size"":4.9775390625,""createdAt"":1659959185000,""lastModifiedAt"":1659959185000,""extension"":""xlsx"",""type"":""FILE""}]","""",""""),

  • Wonderful Rahata.. yes this solves my problem. Thanks a lot. Your solution gives me a little more knowledge and insight on how to convert the Json string to a list of text. thanks much

    for others who are working with the RPA and facing this issue I found an easier solution this morning

    root cause (as figured out by Appian academy team):  According to some internet research, the .DS_Store file is a hidden file that Apple can create when we look at a folder with the Finder. It contains information about custom attributes and metadata as well as its containing folder and the names of other files around it. This is a Mac-only file, which is why we didn't have problems on Windows. 

    easy fix: the rpa for excel file parse has a name filter. All I need to do is use the wild card character and this filters OUT the DS_Store file (that starts with something other than Parse..)

    Now my fileProperties variable contains only 1 value that I can now work with. 

    thanks much


  • Welcome Jadeep & thanks for detailed information about the issue.

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