Using Rest API Data for Gridview and Dropdown

Hallo Community,

Goal: Display response of Rest API in Gridview and Dropdown.

I have a working integration (via a public API) providing car manufacturers. The data is retrieved by Appian and consists of ID, Brand, Country.

Now I like to simpy display the data in a DropDown and a read-only Gridview. I went through the Online-Course "Integrations" for some help  but ultimately I cannot get this to work.

For GridView:

    data: rule!BP_GetCarManufacturers().result.body (the Integration object)

For each Column, I tried different approaches:

* value: fw!row.ID etc.

* value: {index(rule!BP_GetCarManufacturers().result.body, "Country", {} )}

Same for Dropdown, I also tried out different flavours of index(), but the best I get is the whole API response in one Choicevalue.

Any help/hint/guidance is appreciated!



I understand that it might not  be best practice to use an API call directly in some UI, it's really about a PoC.

Stating this, I guess best way would be API => Record Type => Interface?

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