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Hi there! I'm trying to have the dropdown menu display the previous selection for my interview application I am working on. In the app, you are able to edit questions that have a few categories (categories, difficulty, etc) and I want the drop down's menu to have whatever the value was before being in the placeholder spot. So, for instance, if a question was marked as Medium and I wanted to change it too Hard, then the drop down in the new interface would have Medium in the place holder. Please let me know what to include I am super lost!

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    Certified Lead Developer
    3 months ago

    Do you want to display that as placeholder or as a selected value which can be updated to something else?

    Placeholder is just an instruction for the end user on what needs to be done.

  • I think you want to display the selected value when the user wants to edit again to do that you have to query the data from the database and use that to show the values previously selected in the dropdown.

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    Certified Associate Developer
    2 months ago

    Hello ,

    As per my understanding, what you are asking is for the existing value to be displayed in the form when clicked on Edit option.

    You can use the same form. No need to create any conditions. Just pass the existing values in your Editing process model and you can simply update the value.

    To be more specific

    1. If you are using the record generated related action, you need not change anything.

    2. If you are using data store entity and querying the data, use a script task with a query entity rule and fetch the existing data and update it. For this you will need a PV as a parameter which will get your PK into the PM from the summary page of your Question.

    I hope this will resolve your issue.