what knowledge should i have before getting on the instructor led course for builder

Hi Everyone, 

I am new to Appian. I have completed the basic module about its understanding online. I may get to instructor led course soon. I wanted to as, what should i ensure as a precident that i have the knowledge before i get on the course with the instructor ?

Course interest : Builder 

Any advice will be appreciated 

Thanks in advance 


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  • Hi ! I am also fairly new to appian and completed the course that was a two week long instructor led course. The course followed the course layout of the IAT Developer (21.4) course that's available on Appian Academy for free. I would recommend doing/utilizing this source as it has practice quizzes and material on the foundations and concepts relating to appian.  There is also an appian developer online course available for free that is helpful (https://academy.appian.com/#/curricula/7dc6be23-7518-4285-bfc8-cdbf8d4a4b9d) and aimed for new developers.  This course can definitely teach you some of the basic fundamentals to build upon your appian knowledge on.