Appian IDP - Error at Add Channel

Hi team, 

I am learning IDP ( and at the document : IDP Add New Document Channel Exercise. I am trying to build it on my Appian Community account. I am able to Add the channel (page 6) - "Finance" but when I move to page 8 trying to see the Groups created - they aren't. Looks like this is not happening


I got 4 emails with the following error

I tried seeing a bit more into the process model that is failing

This was created back in Jul-2021 by community-admin. I am not sure where's the issue or don't want to play around. Can someone from Appian team fix this please.



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  • Hi Arul, Thanks

    I think both the tutorial and the user guide are same. Now I am following the user guide. I have annotated below what is not happening in the community env as per the user guide

    The moment I clicked on "Add Channel" .. I got 4 emails

    and the 4 objects were not created

    It will be of great help if you can just try to create a channel in your community env and see if you can follow the user guide/tutorial ..