Trouble with Appian Step-by-Step #10

Hi. I'm working through the Appian Developer course online, and I'm stuck on something in the Appian Step-by-Step #10. Specifically the first task, Configure Process Properties. The guide tells me to "Click the Expression Editor icon next to the Process Display Name field... Before you use this expression rule, open the rule in a new tab... Once the expression rule is open, change the name of the record rule input to vehicle. Click Save Changes."

I did that: 

I returned to the process model, as instructed, and in the expression, I deleted "record: pv!record" and replaced it with "vehicle: pv!vehicle".

But when I went to the Process Start Form tab to make sure the rule inputs and values for the interface were "vehicle" and "cancel", the input I had changed form "record" to "vehicle" still showed up as "record" (I also changed the value to vehicle from... whatever it was; I don't remember, but not vehicle). I've gone back and repeated the process a couple of times, and I still can't get the rule input to be "vehicle" instead of "record".

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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