Still having trouble with with Appian Step-by-Step #10

I'm working through the step-by-step guide for building an app, and I'm having trouble with something on Exercise 10: Process Modeling 101, Part 1. The guide tells me to open the AX Add Vehicle process model, click the Properties button, navigate to the Variables tab, click the record variable, and update the name to vehicle. Which I did:

Next, the guide instructs me to click the Expression Editor icon next to the Process Display Name field, open the rule in a new tab, and change the name of the record rule input to vehicle. Which I did:

I saved changes, as instructed, and returned to the process model. In the expression, I deleted record: pv!record and replaced it with vehicle: pv!vehicle:

Finally, I'm instructed to navigate to the Process Start Form tab and make sure the rule inputs and values for this interface are vehicle and cancel. Cancel is there, but vehicle is still record:

I changed the drop down to show vehicle from whatever it was showing before--not vehicle. But I can't get the rule input name to change. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? FTR, I have saved and published, and it doesn't affect anything. Thanks

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    Appian Employee
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    The image you shared is of your AX_VehicleSummary interface, not the AX_AddVehicle interface. As the issue is in the Process Start Form of the Process Modeler, we should focus on the underlying interface AX_AddVehicle. If you notice that your AX_AddVehicle interface was updated to be "vehicle", then I would recommend you remove the interface from the Process Start Form tab in your Process Model and re-add it. You can also try "refresh" located on the same screen.